Hotline Ltd
    Room 19, 12/F,
    Tung Lee Industrial Bldg., 9 Lai Yip Street,
    Ngau Tau Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

    Tel : + 852 2351 1180 / +852 9136 8760
    Email: contact@hotline-solutions.com

    Shanghai Liaison office:

    Hotline Ltd.
    Room 1705, No 2911 North Zhongshan road, Pu’tuo District, Shanghai, China

    Phone 1 : + 86 21 63801371
    Email: contact@hotline-solutions.com

    South America Representative

    Phone 1 : + 56 9 5222 9567
    Email: aarellano@mmy.cl
    Website: www.mmy.cl

    About Us

    We design, manufacture and deliver quality workwear
    that focuses on functionality, durability and safety.


    Integrity, honesty and passion for improvements are the pillars that drives our business practices. We are committed to produce workwear in a socially responsible and eco-friendly process and to maintain an ethical and ecological code of conduct in meeting the needs of our global customers, employees and communities. Guided by shared ethical and ecological values within our team, we aim to establish our company as a trustworthy partner.


    Our experienced team and multilingual customer service are fully committed to our business. We strive to build a long-term relationship based on trust with our customers and suppliers. This translates into a customer-friendly service with solution-oriented answers to all your questions and support with your orders.



    Product Design

    We permanently create and improve our products based on latest trends, fabrics, and technology available. We also tailor products that matches your ideas and your needs of a safe, functional, and simply perfect piece of workwear.



    Thanks to our constant quality monitoring during the manufacturing process, we ensure that no details are left out, controlling the whole chain of supply. A fully detailed quality report is provided for each order.


    Fast Delivery

    Our logistic team follows each step of our orders, making sure that we deliver on time and updating you on every step from sampling to final delivery.


    Hotline LTD was established in 2000 in Hong Kong focusing on the export of bags, luggage items and other commodities from Asia to Europe. In 2005, we opened our Shanghai branch and our activity gradually specialized in personal protection clothing and safety shoes. Since then, we proudly serve our worldwide customers and built a solid network of manufacturers from fabrics to leather and accessories, established our in-house quality control team, and maintained constant monitoring of our supply chain.
    All these years of expertise in the field of pattern development, raw material procurement and clothing manufacture form the basis for developing professional workwear with a single objective in mind: making the performances of professionals safer and more practical.

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